HRSS-150S Touch Screen Rockwell & Superficial Hardness Tester


HRSS-150S Touch Screen Rockwell & Superficial Hardness Tester

1.Good reliability, excellent operation and easy watching;
2.Rockwell & Superficial Rockwell
3. Motor-driven, no weight.
4. Can connect PC to output
5. Conversion different hardness scales;

Suitable for quenching, quenching and tempering, annealing, chilled castings, malleable castings, hardness determination of hard alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, bearing steel, etc. It is also suitable for surface hardened steel, material surface heat treatment and chemical treatment layer, copper, aluminum alloy, thin plate, galvanized, chrome plated, tin plated material, bearing steel, chilled castings, etc.

1.Motor-driven instead of weight -driven, it can teste the rockwell and the superficial rockwell full scale;
2.Touch screen simple interface, humanized operation interface;
3.Machine main body overall pouring, deformation of the frame is small, measuring value is stable and reliable;
4.Powerful data processing function, can test 15 kinds of Rockwell hardness scales, and can convert HR, HB, HV and other hardness standards;
5. Independently stores 500 sets data, and data will be saved when power is turned off;
6.Initial load holding time and loading time can be set freely ;
7.The upper and lower limits of hardness can be set to directly, display qualified or not;
8.With hardness value correction function, each scale can be corrected;
9. The hardness value can be corrected according to the size of the cylinder;
10. Comply with the latest ISO, ASTM, GB and other standards.

Main technical specifications:
Measuring range: 20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC 70-91HR15N, 42-80HR30N, 20-70HR45N, 73-93HR15T, 43-82HR30T, 12-72HR45T
Initial test force : 10 kgf
Total test force: 147.1N, 294.2N, 441.3N, 588.4N, 980.7N, 1471N (15, 30, 45, 60, 100, 150 kgf )
The maximum height of the sample: 230mm
Throat: 170mm
Indenter: Rockwell diamond indenter, ф1.588mm steel ball indenter
Test force application method: automatic (loading/staying/unloading )
Hardness resolution: 0. 0 1HR
Hardness value display mode: Touch screen showing
Measuring scales : HRA, HRD, HRC, HRF, HRB, HRG, HRH, HRE, HRK, HRL, HRM, HRP, HRR, HRS, HRV
Conversion scale : HV, HK, HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRK, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T, HS, HBW
Data output : RS232 interface
Power supply: AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 475 x 200 x 700 mm             
Weight: net weight about 80KG, gross weight about 100KG

Standard configuration:
Name Quantity Name Quantity
Main machine 1 set Diamond Rockwell Indenter 1pc
Φ1.588mm ball indenter 1pc Φ150mm working table 1pc
Big working table 1pc V-type working table 1pc
Hardness block 60~70 HRC 1 pc Hardness block 20~30 HRC 1 pc
Hardness block 80~100 HRB 1 pc Hardness block 70~85 HR30T 1 pc
Hardness block 65~80 HR30N 1 block Fuse 2A 2
Allen wrench 1 Wrench 1
Power cable 1 Dust cover 1
Product certification 1 copy Product Manual 1 copy

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