Coord3 CMM Machine


BENCHMARK CMM Machine is available in two manual or CNC configurations. Manual machines can be upgraded to the full CNC version later on-site, offering the possibility of a two-phase investment.

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GENERAL FEATURES ARES is available in 500 mm and 700 mm deck width versions and undoubtedly stands out as the ideal CMM for workshops.

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  • Ultra-rigid mechanical structure for maximum accuracy in scanning
  • Highly responsive structure to environmental temperature changes
  • CAD FEA-assisted design of the extruded aluminum alloy crossmember to minimize inertial effects at maximum dynamics
  • Monolithic granite support surface with

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Universal 3-axis touch-trigger manual head solution.

Powerful 3-axis CMM controller featuring built-in standard touch-trigger and TP200 interface.
  • Designed for the 3‑axis manual head CMM market
  • Suited to large and small CMMs using touch-trigger probes
  • Integral TP200 interface


A compact, module-changing probe that uses strain-gauge mechanisms for higher accuracy and longer life than kinematic touch-trigger probes.

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Compact module changing touch-trigger probe, which allows the use of a range of stylus configurations and extensions to access features on complex parts.


The TP20 is a compact 5-way, or 6-way, kinematic touch-trigger probe system.

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We offer a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge solutions to meet each client's unique needs. Our machines are constructed using the finest materials and advanced technologies, ensuring that they are durable, efficient, and easy to operate. Whether you want to improve your manufacturing processes or upgrade your existing machinery, Used Aberlink Zenith CMM Machine has the perfect solution.